Projects & Events

 O! Love Tour

“2015 OLove Tour” was successfully held from 3rd to 5th July 2015 in Taipei. 20 singleton elderly and 20 City University students shared their joys and happiness with us throughout the 3-day-2-night trip and said it was one of the most remarkable experience in their life.

We Made the Singleton Elderly's Dream Come True

  • Traveled to Taipei by plane for the 1st time in their life

We Provided Opportunity for Integration of Generation

  • Allowed mutual understanding among different generations through active communication

We Cared About Community Issues

  • Took an active role to increase the awareness and sensitivity on the aging and self-living problems

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sister chapter JCI Taipei, Project Flame of City University of Hong Kong, Haven of Hope District Elderly Community Service, Sponsors and all JC members who have supported us in this event. O!Love Tour 2015 would not success without your generous support!

Shell / Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled 

Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled was established in 1981, the International Year of Disabled Persons. Since its inception, the scholarship awards programme has been highly popular among schools, students and parents.

Each year, 10 outstanding students are selected for the Outstanding Disabled Student Award. In 1993, the Best Progress Award was established to further motivate disabled students to achieve improvements. The Best Integrated Student Award was set up in 2001 to encourage disabled students who are studying in ordinary schools. In recognition of ordinary students who demonstrate notable effort in helping disabled students integrate into school life and significantly foster an integrated learning experience in schools, the Caring Integrated Student Award has been established in 2011 to further advocate integrated education.

Today, the scholarship has become a special honour and a great encouragement to disabled students.



To give recognition to disabled students who have gone through great hardship to overcome difficulties induced by their disabilities while at the same time encouraging disabled students to realise the importance of education, developing their capabilities and potential in serving the local community, and to promote the sense of inclusion. The following awards are available.

The Outstanding Disabled Student Award

The Best Progress Award

The Best Integrated Student Award

The Caring Integrated Student Award

JC Sports Days

JC Sports Days is organized for eleven consecutive years. This is a wonderful opportunity for Jaycees to showcase our athleticism and our Jaycee spirit. Members from Local Affiliated Chapters of JCI Hong Kong enjoys very much about this event.

JCI Island has a tremendous history and reputation for participation in sports and organisation of sport events. It is an important part of JCI Island culture.  We are delighted to be the host of JCI Sports Day in 2015 again.

We look forward to welcoming everyone on 1 May 2016.