Message from President

i for intelligence; i for initiative; i for islanders!

Happy New Year!  I wish you and your family a prosperous and fruitful year in 2015!

It is a great honour for me to deliver my President's message to all of you in 2015 and I am proud to let you know that our 2015 Board of Directors are well prepared to incubate our future leaders and get ready to serve the community!

"i for intelligence; i for initiative; i for islanders!" is our slogan in 2015, I believe with the intelligence of Islanders; our initiative for actions; our sincere hearts to serve the community; and the support from all of you, we will make 2015 another successful year for JCI Island!

Please come and join JCI Island, I am sure you will get more than what you expected.  We always provide you with opportunities in polishing leadership skills, building social responsibility, motivating entrepreneurship and encouraging fellowship through the four areas of opportunity: (1) Individual, (2) Community, (3) International and (4) Business.

Here is my little sharing:

To equip and contribute; 裝備自己,貢獻社會;

to stay positive and optimistic; 積極態度,樂觀心態;

to appreciate and treasure; 凡事感恩,珍惜擁有;

to do exercise and have a healthy life. 常做運動,健康人生。

Action with Appreciation!

Parco Wu
JCI Island
1 January 2015