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(last update: 26/04/2015)

26/04/2015 JCI Island Flagship Project O! Love Tour Walkathon

  • From 3rd – 5th July 2015, JCI Island will sponsor 20 singleton elderly who are over 60 years old (fully subsidized) and 20 university students (partially subsidized) on a one-to-one matching basis for a 3-day-2-night Taipei trip. The objectives of this project are:

    1. to spread the messages of Love and integration of generation;

    2. to make the singleton elderly’s dream to travel oversea by plane come true; and

    3. to increase the social awareness on the singleton elderly issues.

    Everyone has his/her own dream, so does the singleton elderly in our community. We believe that every individual’s dream should be respected, it doesn’t matter who they are and how old they are! To make dream possible for the singleton elderly, we need your enthusiastic support!

    Walkathon Information

    Date: 17th May 2015 (Sunday)
    Time: 10:00 - 14:30
    Starting Point: Tung Chung MTR Station (Exit C)

    End Point: Mui Wo Ferry Pier (Ferry to Central / Bus 3M to Tung Chung)

    Approx. Distance: 9.5km

    Avg. Hiking Time: 4.5 hours

    Difficulty: Inline image 1


    Tung Chung MTR Station (Exit C) > North Lantau Coastal Path > Tai Ho Pak Mong > Ngau Kwu Long > A Po Long Pavilion > Mong To Au Pavilion > Old Silver Mine > Silver Mine Bay Waterfall > Mui Wo Ferry Pier

13/04/2015 THANK YOU - A Big Step in LIKEfunding campaign

  • In March 2015, we launched a crowded-funding campaign via LIKEfunding by collecting LIKE from our surrounding friends and public. Each LIKE we collect, HK Share News (股新聞) will donate HK$2 to our project. Eventually, this campaign not only raises funds from the public, but also increase the awareness on aging population problem in Hong Kong. Overall, we had reached 2084 individual audiences and raised 1,380 likes or HK$2,760 equivalently. 

    We would like to express our genuine gratitude and thank for everyone's support and involvement in this project. For those who are interested to donate to our project and make the elderly dreams come true, you could make the donation via indiegogo.

    O! Love Tour in Indiegogo:

    LIKEfunding Campaign Result:

02/03/2015 「O! Love Tour 2015」launched crowdfunding campaign

  • In 2015, the more elderly we target to sponsor, the more funds we need to raise. JCI Island pioneered to use crowdfunding platform not only to benefit O! Love Tour, but also further promote this project to the public to arouse the awareness on community issue - singleton elderly in Hong Kong.

    For every HK$3000 (or US$400) we raise, we are making a singleton elderly's dream comes true. To most singleton elderly, traveling overseas could possibly be their once in a lifetime experience. DONATE NOW and make the elderly dreams come true. 

    3 crowdfunding options:    

08/02/2015 「O! Love Tour」 Facebook Page was created

  • To better promote O! Love Tour and increase the public awareness and sensitivity on the problem of aging and solitary seniors, we hence created a Facebook page.

    Like Us on Facebook Now.
    「O! Love Tour」 Facebook專頁

08/02/2015 Attended 十面埋『服』 Kick-off Ceremony

  • O! Love Tour was invited to attend 「十面埋『服』社會創意服務比賽-關愛起動」 hosted by VQ Fund at Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Primary School on February 8, 2015. During the sharing session, JCI Island president Parco Wu had chance to share the O! Love Tour project with Chief Executive of the HKSAR, Mr. C.Y. LEUNG and 2014 TOYP, Mr. Alex FONG. 

    What should we do more to cope with the aging trend of the Hong Kong population?