2014 Review
(last update: 05/03/2015)

Project Result and Summary

What impact JCI Island has created in the community

In 2014, JCI Island (港島青年商會) organized "O! Love Tour" providing a 3-day-2-night trip to Taiwan for Hong Kong singleton elderly because those elderly are usually neglected by society.  JCI Island plans to care more about the singleton elderly by making their dreams come true as some of them may not have a chance to travel to overseas before.  Besides, we would like to arouse the awareness of the community that we need to show more care to the elderly especially for those who are self-living.

In addition, we target to recruit some young volunteers to join us for the events.  Not only the youngsters can have the opportunity to learn how to better communicate with and serve the elderly, but also the elderly can share their valuable experiences with the youngsters.  We believe this would achieve the integration of generations.

(i) We made the singleton elderly dreams come true in 2014
We received so many “thank you” from the singleton elderly for making their dreams come true.
- 1st time traveling by plane
- 1st time travelling to Taipei
- 1st time staying closely with a young student and being loved
- 1st time travelling overseas for a couple aged over 75 over the past 10 years

(ii) Integration of generations
The university students were provided with opportunities to understand the singleton elderly, to serve the community and create positive change to bring peace.

Award and Media Coverage

The project results in a great success. It was awarded the “Best World Peace Award” at JCI Hong Kong National Convention 2014 and selected as One of the Top 4 Finalists for the “Best Local Omoiyari (translated to English: Consideration for Others) Project” at JCI World Congress in Germany. 

The results were also reported in the local newspaper and radio broadcastBesides, over 80 corporate and individual sponsorships were secured.

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