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(last update: 10/03/2015)

Social Needs/Problems - Why We Organize It?

According to the 2011 Population Census Thematic Report 
(latest report for population census held every 5 years) on Older Persons published in February 2013 which compared the living arrangement of older persons in Hong Kong in 2001 and 

Aged 65 or above for both sexes

2001: 747,052

2011: 941,321

Increased by 194,269 (26%)

Living Arrangement (Living Alone)

2001: 84,767

2011: 119,376

Increased by 34,609 (41%)

Why We Organize It?

In view of the growing community issues of elderly living alone – singleton elderly, JCI Island organized the program O! Love Tour to take an active role to increase the awareness and sensitivity on the aging and self-living problems.

Alignment of Interests between Your Organization and JCI Island

If you organization is committed to being a good corporate citizen in Hong Kong community and investing in initiatives that promote sustainability, health and wellness projects designed to enrich and make a difference in the lives of Hong Kong citizens, please join us by supporting the O! Love Tour 2015.


Everyone has his/her own dreams, so does the singleton elderly. We believe that every individual’s dream should be respected, it doesn’t matter who they are and how old they are!

Important Date

  8 Feb 2015 (Sun)  VQ Fund kick-off Ceremony
  May 2015 Volunteers Training Workshop 
 10 - 12 July 2015 (Fri - Sun)  Event Day 

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